Pitch – A work in progress nears completion

06 Jan

Thanks to some amazing people my first potential book, Pitch, could actually be ready to submit to a publisher soon.

Pitch is the story of Taylor Andrews, a high school student, who falls for the school’s newest addition Jackson Kern. Jackson is everything Taylor isn’t. Handsome, athletic, charismatic. Taylor dreams of Jackson, but Becca Monroe has already staked her claim.

Taylor knows that he’s out of his league, but he can’t seem to stop going to see the school’s star pitcher in action. When Becca tells him that she and Jackson are aware of his crush and that they’re disgusted by him, Taylor’s world goes into a spin.

After Taylor is the victim of an assault it puts him on the path to finding out who his true friends are, but there’s more trouble coming and Taylor could lose everything.

Without the invaluable assistance of KC Wells who recently published her first novel, Learning to Love: Sean & Michael and Sjd Peterson  who is the creator of the Whispering Pines series, Battle Buddies and Tuck & Cover, Simple, and some great upcoming works) this book would never have gotten ready for publication and I’m indebted to both of these amazing people.

Check out their works here:




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2 responses to “Pitch – A work in progress nears completion

  1. K.c. Wells

    January 6, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Will, it’s been wonderful to watch as Pitch has progressed. I for one am delighted that it’s nearing completion. it’s a wonderful story. LOVED Taylor and Jackson!

  2. Mary G

    January 6, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    Good luck Will! I always look forward to finding new authors. Looking forward to this one.


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