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Authors are simply the most amazing people!

I don’t really get it. When I got my first m/m book (The Telling by Eden Winters) I was so struck by the story that I had to write this person and tell her what I thought of the story. To be honest, I never expected a reply because I just assumed that writers were like actors and rock stars. They were so far above us mortals that we’d have to burn virgin sacrifices in their honor just to get them to acknowledge our meager existence.

Much to my surprise, Eden wrote me back a short time later and thanked me for the letter, telling me how much she appreciated hearing from me.

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Thank you my friends. Sincerely and truly, I appreciate you so much…


Today my journey toward being an author took a delightful turn. There is no way this would have occurred if it weren’t for some very special people who encouraged me, picked me up when I was feeling down, pushed me to try, and helped every step of the way. Some of them are people I have never met personally, but each and every one of them is family to my heart.

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Dear Will,

I just received notification from Harmony Ink, informing me that they want to publish my story, ‘Pitch’. I’m so freaking overwhelmed and excited!


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Today could change my life…

By the end of business Friday, Ms. Elizabeth North from Harmony Ink (the Young Adult division of Dreamspinner Press) will be contacting me to tell me the fate of my YA story ‘Pitch’.

This has been the most incredible ride of my life and regardless of what happens, I’m proud of the story I submitted. It’s garnered several compliments from people who have read it, caused some to laugh, others to cry. More than one person has fallen in love with one of the characters because of his presence and the fact that he’s an extraordinary person.

However, the truly extraordinary people are the ones who helped to make Pitch the story that it is. The ones who gave me the honest feedback and suggestions to make the story stronger and more engaging. Tomorrow I’m going to post a thank you to those people for their efforts, no matter what the outcome, because I’m deeply thankful for having these people having been a part of the story as well as being my muses in any case (even if they were required to bring out the proverbial whips and chains to get me to do the work).

So keep your fingers crossed for me, if you don’t mind. I’ve a feeling I’ll need all the luck I can get.


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Will Parkinson – Author

Will Parkinson - Author

I think this is a beautiful picture, showing tender love.

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