Thank you my friends. Sincerely and truly, I appreciate you so much…

22 Mar


Today my journey toward being an author took a delightful turn. There is no way this would have occurred if it weren’t for some very special people who encouraged me, picked me up when I was feeling down, pushed me to try, and helped every step of the way. Some of them are people I have never met personally, but each and every one of them is family to my heart.

  • Sjd Peterson
  • Eden Winters
  • Mr. Webb
  • KC Wells
  • Ms. Harner
  • Sara York
  • Give A Rush
  • Christy Duke
  • AJ Rose
  • Pamela Pelaam-One
  • Taylor Rhodes
  • Anne Tenino
  • Kris Jacen
  • J.P. Barnaby
  • Kimberley L’Shun
  • Shirley Frances
  • Cate Ashwood
  • Seymour James
  • Giselle Kay
  • K-Lee Klein
  • Lis Craig
  • Marc Fabris
  • RJ Scott
  • Amy Peterson
  • Cardeno C Author
  • N.R. Walker
  • Mrs. Condit
  • Jayson James
  • Madison Parker
  • ZAllora Allora
  • S.A. McAuley
  • Aisling Mancy
  • Mary Calmes
  • Mary Grzesik
  • Lara Brukz
  • Cody Kennedy
  • Amy Lane
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